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THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU! - By High Maintenance

High Maintenance are no more.

Having not played together since August 2007 due to illness the band decided to make their leave of absence permanent. They all remain on good terms and will no doubt be collaborating on future projects however as of the beginning of 2008 High Maintenance, as you once knew them, are no more.

Tim is still gigging as a solo act. Mike has been in the recording studio with some other bands lending his trademark energetic bass licks to their recordings. Meanwhile Dave and James are planning a side project (more news to follow).

As far as this website goes, information on gigs and ongoing projects will still be announced on the gigs page. Other than that, it will remain a shrine to all things High Maintenance!

High Maintenance would like to thank everyone for their loyal support over the years. You will see them again in the near future...





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