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High Maintenance were:  
Tim O'Connor Lead Vocals & Guitar
James Houston Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Dave Houston Drums & Backing Vocals
Mike Ward Bass

So what did they sound like?

Trying to answer the question "what do you sound like?" can be tricky for anyone involved with making music as musicians often think they're the only entirely original people in the world. High Maintenance certainly sound like a fusion of all the music they like listening to. This includes The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, all things Motown and Led Zeppelin, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Jeff Buckley... trust me the list is very long. You really have to decide for yourself whether you hear these influences.

A brief history of High Maintenance:

High Maintenance formed in January 2004. Brothers Dave and James Houston have known Tim O'Connor since the early years of primary school. While Mike met up with Dave at University in 1995, the rest is now history. But why did it take almost a decade before High Maintenance formed? HM rose from the ashes of Firefly, a 5 piece band including Dave, James and Tim. This seminal band was started in 1993, it provided the platform for the group to develop their musical skills and styles. Mike himself had been involved in several bands, including one formed with Dave at uni, winning the battle of the bands competition in 96*! All paths eventually led to a point and in 2004 High Maintenance was born.

In January 2008 High Maintenance split leaving a very tiny rip in the fabric of music as we know it.


Since forming, High Maintenance have been greatly helped by Turning Worm promoters Piers and Dave; enabling them to play at a host of great venues.

Thanks to everyone that saw Tim, Mike, Dave and James play over the years. Your support was always appreciated. See you all again anon.


Designed by Dave Houston 2007

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